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The Consumer Protection Authority has warned against the use of a number of hair dye products that come in the form of hair shampoo of different brands. Also, it notified the supplier of stopping their circulation and withdrawing them from the market due to the noncompliance with the approved standard specifications related to safety requirements in cosmetics and personal care.



The authority indicated that samples were tested for the "MOKERU Professional Black Ginger Hair Shampoo", “Argan Oil Hair Dye Color Shampoo" and (natural black hair dye shampoo within 8 minutes with oil) for the brand (NITRO CANADA CINEMA PROFESSIONAL HAIR). The results of the examination showed that the value of (PH) in it does not match the rate specified in the approved Gulf specifications. In addition to the fact that it contains ammonia despite the presence of a phrase on it indicating that it does not contain some chemicals Including ammonia which is considered misleading to the consumer by not providing him with the correct information as the inspection report indicated that the products did not meet the explanatory data label according to the Gulf Technical Regulation No. (GSO 1943/2021) regarding safety requirements for cosmetics and personal care. Also, the product (Black Ginger Hair Shampoo)  The country of origin or the address of the manufacturer, supplier or distributor was not mentioned in Arabic and/or in English. As for the “Argan oil hair dye color shampoo” product, it did not include the name of the product, its function and the terms of use. The warning instructions are written in English only. While the (natural black hair dye shampoo within 8 minutes with argan oil) did not mention the country of origin, nor did it contain the warning instructions in Arabic.


The authority advises all consumers not to use the product and dispose of the samples they have and emphasis on purchasing products from reliable sources through which their source can be traced. It also calls on all suppliers to commit not to trade these products in the local markets in the Sultanate in order to preserve the health and safety of consumers and to avoid any legal question. Confirming that it is continuing to perform the mission entrusted to it and bears the secretariat with all credibility and commitment.