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The Consumer Protection Authority in cooperation with the Al Busaidi office, Mansour Jamal and their partners, launched a recall campaign for 135 Bissell cordless floor vacuum cleaners for dry and wet use model No. 25825 and E2588

This recall comes because the circuit boards in the batteries of the damaged product may be subject to thermal irritation which leads to a high temperature of the plates and the outbreak of a fire. Accordingly, the company will work to replace the product batteries without any financial cost by visiting the recall site of the company. It also advises the owners of the affected product to remove them immediately from the electrical charging source.

These recalls confirm the efforts made by the authority in the field of safety in cooperation with agents working in the field to preserve the lives and safety of consumers and to provide the necessary protection for consumers in line with its continuous keenness to conduct continuous reviews of all products offered in the Sultanate’s markets


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