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The Japanese Honda Motors Co and Nissan Motors Corporation recalled another 2.8 million cars that were manufactured in 2013 because of a defect at the airbags. 

Honda recalled 2 million cars while Nissan recalled 755.000 cars from all over the world.  The recalled cars have a malfunction that makes the airbags function badly in case of having an accident.  Toyota Motor Corporation, the biggest auto manufacturer in the world, added 650 cars to the initial recall list at the first days of June 2014.

The total number of cars recalled by the three Japanese auto companies because of this specific malfunction amounted to around 7 million cars. While Honda recalled cars belong to 13 models from auto markets all over the world, Nissan recalled cars belong to 16 models because of the airbags defect. The two companies declared that no accidents reported due to the defect, but Toyota said in May 2014 that a case of front seat cover fire because of the malfunction of the airbag was reported.     


Source: BBC/ Arabic

Published in: June23, 2014


Formal body concerned: Honda Motors Co and Nissan Motors Corporation