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His Excellency Sulayem bin Ali bin Sulayem Al Hakmani, CPA Chairman,, issued Decisions Nos. 756 amending the decision on the ban of e-cigarettes and shisha. 


The decision is based on the Consumer Protection Law promulgated by Royal Decree No. 66/2014, Decision No. 698/2015, and the Executive Regulations of the Consumer Protection Law regarding the prohibition of the sale of e-shisha & e-cigarette and their accessories issued by Decision No. 77/2017.

The articles of the decision aim at maintaining public interest.

Article 1 states that to safeguard the public interest, the sale of e-shisha, e-cigarettes, and their accessories is strictly prohibited. Article 2 which covers penalties states that anyone found in violation of these regulations will face administrative fines, not exceeding OMR 1000 (one thousand Omani riyals). In cases of repeated offenses, the fine will be doubled. Additionally, the penalties outlined in the Consumer Protection Law may apply. If the violation persists, the Authority has the power to impose a daily administrative fine of OMR 50 (fifty Omani riyals) per day, up to a maximum of OMR 2,000 (two thousand Omani riyals). Confiscated e-shisha, e-cigarettes and their accessories will be disposed of in compliance with the current regulations. Article 3 states that the previously enacted decision No. 695/2015 is hereby repealed. Any provisions conflicting with this decision are also deemed repealed. Article 4 states that this decision shall be published in the Official Gazette and will take effect from the day following its publication.