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His Excellency Sulayem bin Ali bin Sulayem Al Hakmani, CPA Chairman,, issued Decision No. 757/2023 was issued to address the prohibition of selling furniture made from sponges, recycled fabrics, and clothing

This decision was made taking into consideration the public interest, along with relevant regulations such as the Consumer Protection Law enacted by Royal Decree No. 66/2014, Decision No. 255/2015 concerning the sale of such furniture, and the Executive Regulation of the Consumer Protection Law outlined in Decision No. 77/2017.

Article 1 of the decision enforces the ban on selling furniture made from sponges, recycled fabrics, and clothing. Article 2 reiterates the prohibition and clarifies that it does not exempt violators from criminal penalties specified in the aforementioned Consumer Protection Law. Any individual found violating the provisions of this decision will be subject to an administrative fine, not exceeding OMR 1000 (one thousand Omani riyals). In case of repeated offenses, the fine will be doubled. If the violation persists, an additional administrative fine of OMR 50 (fifty Omani riyals) will be imposed for each day the violation continues. However, the total fine imposed shall not exceed OMR 2,000 (two thousand Omani riyals). Furniture made from sponges, fabrics, and recycled clothes that are confiscated will be destroyed in accordance with the prevailing regulations set by the Authority. Article 3 declares the revocation of the previously enacted decision No. 255/2015, rendering it null and void. Any provisions conflicting with the current decision are also considered repealed. Article 4 mandates the publication of this decision in the Official Gazette, and it will become effective from the day following its date of publication.